Cowcracy after ‘New India’


Welcome to ‘New India’, where a cow is more valuable than a human. It’s 2017 and with two more years to go, when the current govt will complete its 5 year term, these years are golden years for cows and quite horrible and petrifying for humans. Quite a tragedy, as humans get lynched in the name of cow protection, feel threatened by the most gentle animal i.e cow. And also while people die due to lack of health care, the health sector, hospitals are getting worse, the govt started ambulance services for cows. First class health care for the first among the animals. What an irony!

So just think what will happen if it continues and the situation gets worse.

Here in an imaginary tale, a satire, based on an Orwellian idea.

2019: after 2 years of hell for humans and heaven for cows

The incumbents came back to power with a thumping victory in the general elections. Now cows are becoming more and more powerful with each passing day.

Cows are first class citizens and humans are second class. Now there are cowlove shauchalayas (it has just replaced Shulabh Shauchalayas), where cows go and urinate, shit and take bath. Sometimes ago the govt, still run by humans, proposed Aadhar-like unique identification number for cows in India and also setting up sanctuaries for cows across India. The govt had also recommended special care for cattle beyond age of milking, launching ‘animal health cards’ for them.

Now all those proposals and recommendations has been accepted and implemented and you know it made cows first class while humans second class citizens. The govt took away voting rights from humans, they thought they do not deserve it, the govt actually did n’t want any sort of opposition that may hurt them.

The govt also snatched away Aadhar cards from humans because they were complaining too much about it, they literally became a pain in their ass. And now you know they are second class citizens.

The govt never ran old age homes for it’s old human citizens not loved and taken care by their children but it established several special care centres for cows beyond age of milking. Again you know humans are second class citizens.

Then cows now so empowered like never before, started plotting against the govt, they wanted to get rid of the govt still ran by humans. They believed why should a certain bunch of humans rule upon them when actually they are running the system, society and the country. They thought again humans are nothing but second class citizens.

Cows after a hell lot of efforts finally toppled the govt and launched a system ‘of the cow, for the cow and by the cow’, they named it Cowcracy, the first in the world. Now they snatched away all the remaining rights from humans and forced them to live like slaves.

The National Cow Party (one party system like neighbour China), soon started running an autocratic system, their cow police and cow army attacked humans, removed them from their houses and forced them to stay in ghettos far from the mainland areas. Now men started living like animals, back to the nomadic ages. They accepted their fate and started believing COWS ARE FIRST CLASS CITIZENS, THEY ARE SECOND CLASS.


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